Sunday, May 24, 2020

From Conversion To Mission

After my miraculous conversion back in April of 2007, I kept asking Jesus, "Why me?  What's the plan?"  God had given me so much, and had shown me so much.  I responded by learning the Faith, studying the saints, going to daily Mass, and doing late night Eucharistic Adoration.  I married and began to raise a family.  I spent hours outside abortion clinics with 40 Days for Life, and served at the food bank every week for St. Vincent De Paul.  Still, something was missing.  Then in 2013 Jesus decided I was ready for my full mission, and called me to walk the streets as an evangelist and friend to addicts, prostitutes and ex-convicts.  It was a rocky road, and I had to persevere and wait for Him to send me amazing companions, but He did.  God is so good!  We call ourselves "Urban Missionaries", and you can follow our adventures here on Facebook.  

So as you listen to my conversion story below, or read it here or here, it is good to reflect on where all of this was headed. God has a perfect plan for all of us, even if it takes a while to unveil His intentions.  But in the end, there is a great peace when you set about doing the things He has made you for.  All glory and honor to our good Lord!  Enjoy the photos below, and you can read my complete conversion story by scrolling down to Part I.

Walking with Fr. John Boyle

Sharing prayer
Nick, with Shawn and Nicolai

Led by a processional banner

Two old bankrobbers & we were in the same prison!

Making firewood for homeless friends

Muffins on their way to the homeless

We followed our great bishop in a Eucharistic procession

Chris, Shawn and Jonathan doing what we do

Me, looking for homeless friends

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